Project Objectives

The proposal is focused on the development of novel complex assay for evaluation of milk safety, which is important for dairy industry to assure required safety and quality of milk and dairy products. The complex biosensing assay will be focused on development of the methods for rapid and sensitive detection of bacterial pathogens and antibiotics that could occur in milk and represent potential hazard for health.

Eight experienced academic/research institutions, two SMEs and one governmental business company from 3 EU member states (Slovakia, Hungary, Greece) and from 2 third countries (USA, Canada) will be involved in the research, development and verification of assays for detection of bacterial pathogens and antibiotics in milk. The focus will be on application of surface acoustic, electrochemical and optical methods using nanofabricated surfaces with immobilized DNA aptamers for detection of pathogenic bacteria and antibiotics. The output of the project will be the development of novel analytical assays, staff exchange between academic institutions and SME, training of the students in novel analytical methods, and sensor development in world leading laboratories.

The important result of the project is optimized complex assay for efficient assessment of milk safety, which could be commercialised by the project industrial participants. The organization of training schools, workshops and transfer of novel technology will be among priorities of this proposal.